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This passionate and energetic color works beautifully

Perfectly shaped! That is how we would explain how these nails look. shaped with pretty nail polish like this design is great for day-to-night wear.

Great nails don't happen by chance they happen by appointment. Call us today!

You should keep your nails clipped and filed in your favorite shape to show off who you are. When you hand a cashier money in a store or shake someone’s hand at work, they'll notice how well you have taken care of your hands. If you have nail art, your hands will be especially noticeable and you should expect to receive a lot of compliments. Even a simple multi-color striped pattern looks fantastic.

Round/ oval...nail shape is a popular choice for the ladies that wish to elongate their fingers. Whether you prefer a natural look or a design that’s funky and fresh, there’s something here to excite you. Showcase your personality and complete your outfit with these trending nail art designs for round/ oval... nails.

Vanessa Nail & Spa - Nail salon SurreyThis passionate and energetic color works beautifully for the warm weather months as well as the cooler ones

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